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Acrylic Cages

Acrylic Cages make for a splendid alternative to glass terrariums for reptiles or wire bird cages. Acrylic Cages are tailored to the needs of whatever animal is housed inside, be that a parrot or a python.
Acrylic cages come in dimensions to fit the needs of any pet, from snakes and geckos to finches and mackaws to parrots to ferrets. Taller cages can be accessorized with wooden structures or manzanita branches to meet the needs of arboreal lizards, such as Crested Geckos. Parrots, Macaws, and other birds also thrive in an Acrylic Cage. Acrylic cages are versatile and durable, so they can function as anything from an aviary to an indoor reptile house.

Acrylic cages are built to be beautiful as well as functional. The durable acrylic walls are transparent, giving you a superb view of your pet, and giving your animal, be it a bird, reptile, rabbit, or ferrett, a superb view of the outside.

Acrylic cages are often recommended by pet experts. Now that they are no longer exclusive to pet stores and zoos, they have become widely available at very affordable prices. This means that the same kind of cages used to display birds and reptiles in zoos can now be used to display your birds and reptiles at home!

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